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Name:Hiro Hamada | AU | "Akiyuki Kinoshita"
Birthdate:Aug 22
Location:San Fransokyo, California, United States of America
This an Alternate Universe Hiro from Big Hero 6. I've been tentatively calling it the Dark To Redeemed AU since that's the backbone of the AU's plot. Regardless, some spoilers are in here if you squint so if you have not seen the movie, please be aware of that.

HMD - Permissions - Armor Info/Basics Of Life

The anger didn't stop after Baymax asked if this is what Tadashi would have wanted. It burned like a flame so hot it was purple, and all he could see was red. Hiro didn't breakdown and admit Tadashi was gone, he asked himself how he could get revenge by any means possible. He took off to finish the job he started, tricking Baymax into coming along by pointing out that by the end of the fight, somebody would be needing medical attention. A superhero right out of one of the Dark Age comic books Fred would never touch, a 'hero' who stopped the villain by killing him, Hiro set out to stop the attack on Krei Tech and save the day. And he did, and he thought it would bring him some kind of peace or satisfaction to have terminated the man who caused his family so much grief.

But even evil has loved ones, and when Hiro realized what he did to her, that the woman he pulled from what he thought was an experimental void made by the villain was actually close to him and someone he wanted to save, Hiro saw how he had left her without someone she loved the way he was left without Tadashi. That was when he realized that revenge wasn't the answer - when it was and always would be too late to ever make it up to her, or anyone else.

Hiro couldn't face his Aunt, his friends, the disgust and hate he knew they must feel for him. With Baymax lost to the void, Hiro struck out on his own in a misguided attempt to make things right. Always dealing in back alleys, operating under fake IDs and hacking skills, he reinvented himself as "Akiyuki Kinoshita", a genius dealer in robots, specifically medical machines and nanobots designed to regulate things like blood pressure or heartbeats, saving lives and earning just enough money to put down rent in the process. This attempt to soothe over his conscience, however, proved to be nowhere near enough, and even with the risk of running into his friends again, he had to take up the superhero mantle, to be a Golden Age comic hero, the kind who fought robbers and murderers and the monsters lurking in the darkness of any city. A hero for the people, one who never killed or lied, someone who would never abuse his power and could be counted on to save the day. He's improved his armor with a wide range of non-lethal weaponry that can stop anything and anyone he comes across. He's an urban legend, an emerging folk hero. He isn't the same kid who killed a villain two years ago.

It still isn't enough. And it may never be enough for Hiro Hamada. But for Akiyuki Kinoshita, it will have to be, because in his mind, that's the only option he has left, and the only person he can be.


Hiro/Akiyuki is 16 in this AU, as he's spent time post-alt-movie-ending trying to distance himself from the past while simultaneously cradling his guilt and grief close to his chest. He's about four inches taller, or, roughly, only slightly shorter than Tadashi was. Though much of his personality has shifted to be more somber, he can still be a know-it-all with a reckless, joyful streak to him in spite of everything.

I am open to shipping him with all canonmates with acknowledgement of the AU character he is. Non-canonmates will have to be within his age range. PM me for assumed CR.
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